8 Beautiful Countries That Never Been Colonized

Long-time ago, a European country is the strongest country in the world. They have great power and started to invading the weakest countries near them. Outside there, just a few countries that never been colonized before.

Countries that never been colonized

While under colonialism, many countries are in a hard position. Moreover, it caused many diseases like misery, hunger, and malnutrition. Besides, the invaders usually govern the countries with cruel behavior. We will try to write down some of the luckiest countries that never been colonized before.

1. Ethiopia

This country is located in the African Continent area. However, this country is the second biggest population in Africa. Moreover, Europeans managed the war so there are many invaders more than 90% of the continent. Instead of giving up, Ethiopia still fights back to keep his country until the European give up.

2. Bhutan

Bhutan is a small country located in an isolated place. Further, this city is near the great Himalaya Mountain that makes it hard to attack. From 1772 to 1774, England sends his soldier to taking over Bhutan but they all failed. War ended in negotiations with pay 5 horse as compensation.

3. Japan

The next country is Japan. While European start to invade this country, Japan has been classified as a big country. Moreover, Japan is the only Asian country that brave enough to attack the West while the II World War. Also, Japan has conquered and start colonizing other countries. Because of his bravery and smart strategy, no country is brave enough to invade Japan before.

4. Thailand

Thailand is the only country in South East Asia that never colonialized before. It is because Thailand ministry has started to open his country from others. Even when Thailand had a lot of beautiful places, the invaders aren’t interested in that. Besides, the soils in there are low in nutrients and can’t take any herbs.

5. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country where Islam’s biggest prophet, Muhammad was born. To clarify, Saudi Arabia also the center of Islam. Besides, this country has sandy soil and covered with deserts. European are not getting interested maybe because of the Saudi connection.

6. Islandia

Islandia is a big country started from 9 century. Vikings are one kind of people that rumored ever live in here. Nowadays, Islandia becomes a beautiful country with great architecture. This country has become a dream place for all travelers around the world. Above all, the stunning natural views in here is the best thing.

7. Denmark

Last but not least, no country can colonializing Denmark. Denmark is just a small country in an isolated place. But, he can become a great country with peaceful air. Denmark is one of a founder of OECD and Nato. Above all, the view of this country is a nice thing you should see.

8. Norway

Norway is a country that used a kingdom style. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, this is a famous one country. Norway has a great warrior like Jan Mayer and Svalbard. No country has succeeded in attacking this country.

In conclusion, colonialism didn’t see how big is your country. Colonialism only created a lot of pain as a result. We are lucky to live in this era where we can do whatever we wan.