Games For Windows Live You Wouldn’t Like To Miss

games for windows live

Are you a Windows device user? There is one application-called Windows Live on the device that allows you to connect the Xbox Live service from your computer. Run this application and then install a lot of games in the Microsoft Store, and get games for Windows Live. 

Your laptop is incomplete if it contains no game. If you wondering what kind of games that accessible and working on Windows Live then you visit the right place. Microsoft Store offers a lot of video games but not all games are good. We try to write down some best games for Windows Live for you. Keep reading this and find the best one.

1. Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is an action role-playing video game that works great on Windows Live operating system. If you love adventure-dungeon games this game will be the right one for you. Developed and published by one big company, Blizzard Entertainment, this game has amazing visuals and dazzle gameplay.

2. Battlefield 3

If you have a big specification on your device, this game is one you should try. Battlefield 3 was an action game with marine as the main character. This game was released on October 2011 but until now, Battlefield 3 still one of the best of its kind. Published by EA Games, this is the first-person shooter game with great graphics and incredible effect.

3. Mafia 2

The developer builds this game for action-adventure lovers. Released in 2011, with 2K Games as a developer, Mafia 2 operates well in Windows Live with a story of the gangster. You should do so many efforts to reach the highest rank of mafia families. The third-person perspective will give you an easy way to see the fictional Empire Bay as a result.

4. Quake Live

Quake Live requires high rate FPS but provide a more interesting experience. ID Software developed this game with a first-person shooter. Play against the real player from the whole world on many modes like Team Death Match, Clan Arena, Duel, Free for All, or many more. Raised your adrenaline and have fun with this game.

5. Asphalt 9: Legends

If you are a racing game lover, then you should choose this game. Asphalt 9: Legends have a hyper-realistic visual and a lot of cars option to choose from. You can make your dream car by customized car color, rims, tires, and wheels. The new tracks were available in this game set in many locations like Cairo, Himalayas, Caribbean, Scotland, and U.S Midwest. Therefore will make you more interesting

6. World of Tank Blitz

As it is named, this game is full of legendary tank shooter. World of Tank Blitz is an online game with more than 300 unique vehicles you can operate. Even only need 3GB of free space, this game will give you incredible graphics as a result. Build with 23 locations, your 7vs7 battle will be so much interesting. Then lastly, create your strategy and join the battle!

7. StarCraft 2

Windows Live offers not only online games but also offline. Blizzard Entertainment released this game in 2007 for free with a great visual. StarCraft 2 takes place in the virtual world original on this game. Above all, the system requirements of this game are just 2 GB ram and 12 GB free space memory.

Among all of those games for Windows Live above, which game is your favorite? Then, don’t waste your Windows Live, install the games and get an incredible experience.