List Iconic Things In Maine, That You Should Witness First Hand

Some countries claim to have many iconic images like Maine. The extraordinary thing about Maine is that it does not disappoint tourists who come with these romantic images in mind. There are still many iconic things in Maine to be discussed.

Iconic Things In Maine

1. National Park of Acadia

The rough coastline set aside as National Park of Acadia also surrounds large inland areas. It provides some visitors and playground for locals. Some iconic things in Maine can be enjoyed.

Other highlights in the park are the dramatic canyon and Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. The second National Park of Acadia is further north on the Schoodic Peninsula. Where there are more coastal views and hiking trails. In addition, there are two large campsites in the park and some picnic areas.

2. Small Town of Kennebunkport

The small coastal town of Kennebunkport is very popular in summer, 12.5 miles south of Portland,. The stately houses of the former boat captain and owner, are the iconic things in Maine that are of concern to visitors.

Two miles is the still-active fishing village, with more galleries and shops, along with working lobster boats. In addition, Kennebunkport is the Seashore Trolley Museum. Near Kennebunk, search for the extraordinary Brick Shop Museum and skip past the Wedding Cake House.

3. Summer Resort of Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor was a place of a shipping port, but today is a popular summer resort, especially with boat owners. It has the largest place of a port in northern Boston.

And along with private cruises, it is the place of port for working cruise ships and lobster ships. So this is an iconic thing in Maine which is quite well known.

The downtown area is filled with antique shops, some art galleries, and waterfront seafood restaurants. This small town has a Carousel Music Theater and Opera House, as well as a band. In addition, visitors will also find the Boothbay Railroad Village and the Maine State Aquarium and here.

4. Monhegan, a Small Island

Monhegan is on 10 miles off the coast of Maine and this is a small island. And although it is to achieve iconic status and one of the inhabited coastal islands. This is largely due to its long history as a colony of artists coupled.

In Monhegan, no paved roads or cars on the island and the 75-year-old population mainly involved in fishing. During the summer, some visitors can take a trip to the island. But you will only have four hours trip. These are iconic things in Maine that’s famous in the world.

The combination of Monhegan from rough granite cliffs crashing waves and unique light is the most iconic thing in this state. Be careful of beach rocks along the south or backside of the island. There are fierce currents and evil waves. 

Those are some of the iconic things in Maine. These places are quite famous and make visitors can enjoy the atmosphere in these places. In addition, there are still many places that become iconic in Maine can be useful as vacation spot recommendations.