5 Most Beautiful Cities From Around The World For Family Holiday

The school holiday is always exciting. It is your chance to create quality time with your husband or wife and the kids. If you are lucky enough, you might have a second honeymoon at the same time. Thus, we will share the most beautiful cities from around the world when you want to have a family vacation. These cities below are worth to be considered as your next destination.

One thing you must concern when you bring the whole family members is the access. Make sure that all places have proper access. Whether for the adult, the toddler, and even the infant. It is important because related to your holiday convenience. One member doesn’t feel comfortable, then the agenda won’t run smooth. Check out our recommendations below about the most beautiful cities from around the world for a family holiday:

1. Athens, Grece

A family trip is not always going to the beach and playing sand. Sometimes you can take your children for a history trip. You can explore the history and civilization in Athens, Greece. Acropolis and Parthenon are must seen by your kids. There are many choices for staying, like hotels, guest houses, apartments, until resorts. Choose which is suit for you and your family.

2. Barcelona, Spain

Take your children to Barcelona, Spain, then you will see how exciting they are. Let them explore the beauty of this city by seeing the lights and many interesting things. Visit the Sagrada Familia or you can also go to the Port Aventura theme park as the option. Wherever you stay in Barcelona, all is the right place to spend your days.

3. London, United Kingdom

How doesn’t love London? This city is always calling people to enjoy its beauty. When you want to sightsee, then there is no best place than London. Many sites that you can visit, for example, Buckingham Palace, Harry Potter Studio, Green Park and Hyde Park, and many others. All destinations in London are accessible. Thus, it is very comfortable to bring your family there.

4. Bali, Indonesia

This is one of the famous destinations in Asia. No need to doubt how beautiful this city is. Many tourists are back to Bali again and again. It is not only because of the culture, the beach, and the culinary. The local people are very friendly, even though you are a foreigner. Enjoy the sunset, shopping spots, and many things in Bali. Explore more about this city, we assure you will make Bali as your next holiday destination.

5. Hong Kong

Do your kids love Mickey Mouse? Then, bring them to Disneyland. Hong Kong Disneyland is the best choice for a family holiday. The rides and shows are suitable for all ages. Thus, this is a must site to visit for every family. Also, don’t forget to see the ocean creatures at Ocean Park Hong Kong. After that, you can see unusual rock formation. This could be found in the Geoparks.

Wherever you go with your family, make sure that they have something to memorize. When you plan the holiday, you can decide on the theme. For example, you want a historical trip, water adventure activities, or anything. There are still other most beautiful cities from around the world based on your holiday plan.