Travel Photography Scholarship For Amateurs That You Won’t Miss

photography scholarship for amateurs

Being a professional photographer has been a dream for a beginner. Your journey can be through freelance experience or taking an academic. The advantage of having an academic is your practice completed by theories. Also, your skill will be varied with some references. Thus, we want to share with you the photography scholarship for amateurs here.

Just like the other profession, photography has its focus too. One of them is travel photography which especially captures the landscape area, people, culture, and etc. If you want to see the sample, then you can find it in the magazines, such as National Geographic. For the newbies, see this photography scholarship for amateurs:

1. Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship

This scholarship is also called as TAPSA (Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship Award). The program is dedicated to those who love nature travel and documentary. The scholarship is only for 5 photographers. Each of them can send their photos at least in the last 3 years. They must submit 5 until 10 photos until they created a story.

2. Focus for Humanity (FFH)

FFH offers a high amount of fellowship special for the non-professional photographer. These people must concern about a humanitarian or cultural issue. You must submit your photo online, then the judges will review it. Also, there is an assessment of the online application form. If you pass those two processes, then you have the opportunity of winning the grant.

3. Lucie Foundation

This could be the photography scholarship for amateurs you are sorry if missing. The foundation supports all kinds of content. But, they see how deep your content and process has been through. Whether you are the travel or fashion photographer, digital or medium format, they support every innovative work. All the winnings will be in the metropolitan exhibition and published too.

4. Youth Press

If you want to be paid to capture the beauty of Morroco, then submit your five works now. Don’t forget to complete the online form and make an essay. It should explain why you should be the one who goes to Morroco. This scholarship doesn’t see you are the professional, amateurs, or students. All winners will go to Morroco free, but they have to capture the people, culture, and nature-based.

Youth Press will give you a mentor. The mentor directs you in Morroco and asks you to do something. Winning this scholarship is not just about the prize, you will feel a new unforgettable experience too.

5. Firecracker Photographic Grant

This scholarship is special for the female photographer. The focus of this grant is documentary work. If you are the winner, you will be amazed by the number. More than that, the competition prizes you on another thing too. For example, special services from Genesis Imaging.

Not many females can pass this competition. Because the selection is very tight. If you are confident enough, now is the time to submit your work.

Actually, there are lots of scholarship over there. If you have another interest, you might find photography scholarship for amateurs based on your call. The more suitable the requirements, the wider your opportunity to win.