5 Most Famous Public Space In NYC You Must Visit

You will find boring and tiring activities every day. If you are in New York, try coming to public space in NYC. By visiting public space, you can calm your mind and forget for a moment your fatigue.

public space in NYC

In New York, you can find a lot of public space. You can freely do many activities in public space, for example, you can meet your friends, jog, or just play you’re your pet. The following is a list of the 5 best public space in NYC that you can visit:

1. Central Park

Various Hollywood films often take the story set in this park. Every morning, pet owners use this park to play. While the pets are playing, the owners usually read books, have picnics, or play kites to enjoy free time.

In this park, there are various facilities such as pedestrian paths and a track for jogging. Moreover, there are also two rings for ice-skating, swimming pools, zoos, and sanctuaries for wild animals.

2. Museum of Modern Art

This legendary museum had experienced a restoration by Japanese architect, Yoshio Taniguchi. This restoration also increases the area of the museum to twice the original area. First opened in 1928, the museum is estimated to have more than 300 thousand book collections.

In this museum, there are also artists from around 70 thousand more artists in the world. Not only has an educational function, but this museum is also open for people to have discussions or just eat in some of the cafes there.

3. Brooklyn’s Prospect Park

You can spend your free time relaxing in this park. In this park, you will find picnic areas, a playground, and even a children’s zoo. You can also see the world-famous long meadow, a bandshell.

This park can accommodate many sports, such as baseball, volleyball, and soccer. You can relax while looking at the beautiful scenery under the shady trees. The hills of grass in this park become a perfect sight for you.

4. Coney Island

A unique public space in NYC is Coney Island. Coney Island is easily accessible from all parts of the city because it has 4 underground lines. On this island, you will find an exciting carnival atmosphere and pleasant waterfront.

In addition, on this island, you can eat the famous hot dog named Nathan and try an exciting roller coaster. Visitors from all over New York usually fill up this area and do various activities here.

5. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York has 12 thousand species of plants. The 21-hectare park is home to a variety of plants, including cherry trees, lilies, magnolia, orchids, and others. Do not hesitate to bring your children to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, because there is also a children’s park here.

This park consists of various kinds of parks that you can visit. The example of the various park are, Fragrance Garden, Herb Garden, Cherry Esplanade, and others. If you like perfume, you can visit the Fragrance Garden. At Cherry Esplanade, visitors can walk in the middle of a park surrounded by cherry trees.

Public space in NYC is very diverse and interesting. You can visit them according to the theme you like and your preferences. Try to come there with your lover, family, or close friends because it will be more fun.