5 Ideas For What To Do In Maldives While You’re Honeymoon

Honeymoon is always something sweet for every couple. It is the moment when you do escape together. Separate your both self from people and doing things that you love. Some couple chooses the Maldives as their honeymoon destination. Well, we can say that is the best decision because the Maldives offers you tons of experience. Many things that you can do there. Find what to do in Maldives through this article. Ensure your couple it would be perfect if you do that together.

Maldives is a country in South Asia that has lots of beautiful islands that you absolutely want to visit one by one. Before you decide where to go, it is better to plan what to do in Maldives first. Because you will be confused once you arrive there. Create a special memory in every spot in Maldives. See our recommendations below, so you can estimate how long you will be there for a honeymoon:

1. Taking Cruise Ride

It sounds fancy to have a cruise ride in Maldives. But actually, it is more than that. It is because taking a cruise is the best way to arrive in Maldives. You can also explore hidden places of this tropical island. Talking about the price, it is indeed quite costly. However, taking a cruise ride saves you energy and time compared to the other way. No matter if you choose a luxury one or a catamaran, both are equally worth to try with your love.

2. Underwater Dining

Knowing Maldives has amazing underwater scenery, you must try to make romantic underwater dining. There is a restaurant provides this kind of dinning, for example, Ithaa underwater aquarium restaurant. The best time to have this moment is at night. Or, you can also make it in the morning. Have a glass of champagne is great quality time.

3. Snorkeling and Diving

These things are the most important things to do. You must dive or at least snorkel while in the Maldives. You cannot avoid the beauty of Maldives sea beauty. If you are wondering how safe snorkel or dive having there, then the Maldives is a safe place for every beginner. Also, you no need to confuse choose the spots. Being in the Maldives is like every step is the best spot to snorkel or dive.

4. Intimate Couple Spa

Add taking a spa in your “what to do in Maldives” list. You can find spa services everywhere. However, the spa in the Maldives is different from the other spa you might ever take. Feel the different treatment from the Hakeem, a healing expert.

5. Sightseeing in Malé

Before you leave the Maldives, at least spare one day for sightseeing in Malé. There are many tourists here because this place is a must-visited place for every honeymoon couple. There are some spots you can visit, such as The Esjehi Art Gallery, Maldives National Museum, and many more.

If you are wondering when the best time to visit the Maldives, we recommend you to plan between November and April. April is the right time to see clear water. Contrarily, August to October is the time you should avoid because there is a tropical cyclone effect. Now, wrap your “what to do in Maldives” list, then find the best spots.